Interview with Christian “Def4lt” Margol, Community Manager for


Interview with Christian “Def4lt” Margol, Community Manager for

We talked a little with the community manager of Christian ” Def4lt ” Margol! We asked a little of everything, how about being part of the team, about the training and several other things about being in a Overwatch Professional team! Know a little more about this great team:

How started and you guys have a Philosophy?

The current roster (2Easy, Morte, uNFixed, Winghaven & vallutaja) played previously for renowned eSports organisations like Fnatic, Epsilon and Team-Dignitas. We competed for the last 2 years in Battlefield 4 for Fnatic and won 5 Major ESL One Championships and Dreamhack among other tournaments. Last year we transformed into Fnatic’s Overwatch team and have been competing in the Beta ever since. However, we decided to leave Fnatic, so we could create something of our own: We see the huge potential of Overwatch and want to build an organization that is more beneficial for the players. We believe that we can be the best team in Overwatch and we will put in the work to make our dream come true and engage with the community very closely. is an idea born among friends, a team created by players and empowered by the community. Being consistently among the best teams in competitive Overwatch and the growing support we are getting from the Overwatch community shows us that we are on the right track. We have big plans for the future and want to invite everyone to be a part of our journey.


You guys won the GameOn Cup last weekend, how did you train and prepare for that weekend?

We constantly try to understand the state of the game and exploit the current meta. Overwatch has a depth that we have not experienced in any other game before because of all the possible hero setups and the fact that the optimal hero combination changes all the time. Besides that, the players just try to play a lot and scrim versus other top teams from EU or NA, in order to prepare for upcoming tournaments.


The team have players from many countries, how work this for the team? You guys already have problems with some kind of differences in the team?

Quite the opposite! It works really well and we can say that we are friends, who work together as a unit and combine our individual talents to compete on the highest level. It’s actually a huge advantage that we have a culturally diverse team. Everyone in the team has an important role, regardless of the differences and we benefit and value different perspectives from our teammates. This is crucial when it comes to understanding the meta of the game.


How is the day of an Overwatch pro player? How much time you guys spend training?

The guys wake up between 10 – 12 a.m. and then relax or do other stuff before meeting around 3 – 4 p.m. From here it’s either practice or officials games that will be played for the next 8 to 10 hours. We believe that raw talent combined with dedication and hard work is the key to success.


About the game what changes you guys think will come and what future the game have?

We are really excited about the upcoming release of Overwatch and feel confident that we will see more changes and even more content (like heroes, maps, new game-modes, skins, etc. ) along the way. You can clearly see the love and dedication Blizzard is putting into their new franchise. We believe that Overwatch has what it takes to become the next big eSports title, and we are looking towards a promising future of the game.


You guys have some tips for new players on overwatch who want to be a pro player?

Follow some of the pro players, learn from them and play a lot. Find some teammates on your skill level and try to set up scrims versus other teams and practice a lot. Scrims are very different from public games as you have a predefined lineup, but you can still learn a lot about the game and improve from from solo queuing.


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