Interview with Hiluvia!


Interview with Hiluvia!

11146460_975497365803512_7758616662066022596_oHello, Hiluvia can you speak a little about you?

Hi! My name is Marine, I’m 22, and I am from Paris, France. I have been passionate about video games and Fantasy worlds since I was a young girl. I work in fashion and also have other artistic hobbies such as writing, painting, and creating garments. But I am also into physical activities like horseback riding and running.

How long have you been cosplaying?

I did my first cosplay in 2011; the cosplay was Yoruichi from Bleach. My full armor projects started a year ago with Malthael from Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

What led you to go the way of be a cosplayer? What are your national or international idols in the area?

I started cosplay because I wanted a different experience at conventions which only cosplay could offer. I also wanted the opportunity to showcase my ability of bringing characters from my favorite games to life. As for other cosplayers that I really admire, I would have to say Lightning Cosplay, Max TRS Cosplay, and Seraph Cosplay.

What cosplay experience bring to your life? You work with it today or is it just a hobby?11011964_400511913490474_132252138940885519_n

Cosplay has brought numerous things to my life. Mainly the excuse to travel, challenges, creativity, excitement, and the opportunity to meet a number of incredible people. Currently cosplay is a hobby for me; however costume design is something I would like to do as a career in the future.

What is the main challenges when you start to create a cosplay?

The big challenge when starting a cosplay is creating a costume that has a story and soul in it and is not just a copy of what you’ve seen, but still have it be close enough to the original design so it is recognizable. I overcome this challenge by finding the right fabrics and materials and using the right techniques to bring my vision of the character to life.

How you met Blizzard and what got you interested in dressing like the characters in the games?

I first met Blizzard at Gamescom but I’ve been playing their games since Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3. For me, the reason why I wanted to dress up as the characters was that I wanted to make a tribute to the games that had brought me so many good memories, since I don’t have enough time to play them.

Besides Jaina and Symmetra there any other character in the games that you like to do cosplay?

Yes, there are plenty of characters I would like to do. Some of those are a female version of the Litch King, Kerrigan, and a female Barbarian.

What does it mean to be a a cosplayer for you?

It means you are passionate about assuming the character as your own, to be very self-reliant and creative in your work, and to be open to constructive criticism.

You have new projects in mind? It will be of which franchise.

My next project is the Mythic version of the Teir 17 set for warriors from World of Warcraft.

What tip would you give to those who want to start cosplaying?

Cosplay is a great drug so use it without moderation!

Why just Blizzard Cosplays?

Because I am a huge fan of their games and I found their universes very inspiring.

Why Symmetra?

I wanted to do a project that no one has done yet.

In Symmetra’s cosplay, what were the main challenges and how was the public reception when they saw the cosplay?

Creating very robotic characteristics were a challenge. On social media, the positive reception of the cosplay was way beyond my expectations.

What was your process in the Jaina’s cosplay?

Actually on my Facebook page I posted  my process on creating Jaina. I also plan on writing an e-book which will go into great detail about what I did to complete the Jaina cosplay and how I did it.

What is your favorite cosplay?

Jaina is my favorite cosplay that I’ve done so far.

You want to send mensage your fans?

Of Course! Thank you so much for your incredible support by liking my page, sharing my work, and for all your wonderful comments and messages. I am always open to helping anyone who has any cosplay related questions.10155684_387216038153395_1619081020692998674_n

See more Hiluvia’s cosplays on facebook  or on the official site!


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